Your Startup Has Nothing on this Demo Video

Give the people something to talk about and you’ll win the battle of engagement. Airtime is doing just that and more with their latest attempt at creating awareness and increasing user activity. 

Please excuse us while we offer a little background on the startup itself.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning met online in a chat room 15 years ago over a shared interest in computer security and hacking. They created Airtime to explore what’s possible when large numbers of people are brought together live.

Airtime allows users to create shared experiences with people you know, and people you want to know.

The site is a neat concept that integrates seemlessly with Facebook tapping into the power of existing connections. However, the real beauty and genius comes from the recent release of Airtime’s demo video.

Why we love this video

It tells a unique story and several at that.

The demo video taps into the power of influencers. You want cameos? Kurt Russell and Gary Vaynerchuk have you covered. Not to mention MC Hammer himself!

But the real reason why we think (you can’t touch this! Sorry, we just had to throw that in.) this is an awesome example of digital storytelling at its best is…


The team behind the video obviously understands its audience and captures attention through the use of relevant content and popular memes. For example, even though the video is unique in its own right it uses several themes popular with today’s online audience and the startup scene.

The idea of the best internet you’ve ever had.