We are not social media pros

These days everyone is a social media pro. Your neighbor, that gal sitting over at the local coffee shop, the guy doing killer ab crunches at the gym, and pretty much all who tout having a Twitter or Facebook account. But you’re smarter than that and you deserve better. Anybody who says they’re an expert in social media has yet to realize that there’s much more to social media than understanding how to tweet, chirp, tout, post, poke, send, click, and any other form of digital distraction.

The truth of the matter is that social media is merely a channel and an outlet for communicating with diverse audiences. There is much to be learned and most of today’s thought leaders are barely exploring the dynamics of new media.

A strategic approach to driving conversation, sparking interest, and communicating with your audience can help propel your brand into new levels of recognition and preference. A simple social media strategy won’t work because there’s lots more to this new media arena than creating some accounts and calling it a day.

So, before you go empty your wallets on that guru expo or pro conference be sure to ask for some pudding…

Why? You might ask…

Because…as they say…the proof is in the pudding!

And remember,…we’re not pros. We are Hub 81.

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