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This Week in Social Media

We’ve scoured the web for some of the day’s and week’s most newsworthy updates in the world of social media. Of particular interest, is Facebook’s recent updates to their page insights, which is another step in making it easy for managers to maintain a handle on what’s happening with their content.

Check out some of the latest news below.

Facebook Removing Old Search Setting. Now allows everyone to look you up.

Twitter search by name

Remember that “Who can lookup your Timeline by name?” setting in Facebook? Well, it’s about to say goodbye! Facebook announced that they have removed this old search setting.

New Twitter Feature Allows Everyone to Direct Message You

Twitter Direct Message Setting

Twitter now allows folks to opt-in to receive direct messages from any follower, including those they don’t follow back.

Facebook Rolled Out Updated Page Insights for Page Owners

Facebook's New Page Insights

Facebook rolls out new page insights that allow admins to get a better feel for how users interact with content. Features include simpler metrics, tools to publish better content, and a new page insights export.

In social media, change is indeed the only constant.