The 3 Most Difficult Questions Facing Your Brand


Please allow us to take you on a little journey to a place oh so very familiar…

Our destination?


Yep…that place where mission statements, value propositions, and meaningful attributes collide to form your unique story.

Maybe you’ve spent hours upon hours fine tuning your brand voice or perhaps you have the chuspa and unique ability to conversate with anyone anywhere but the honest (and let’s be honest) truth is that some questions are just a tad bit more difficult than others.

Following, are three important questions that each of us regardless of our industry must be able to answer with ease and the excitement of a kid in a candy store.


Who Are You?

This question is probably the easiest because it usually begins with something like “We are…” or “The leading…” and so forth. Answering this question is usually accomplished by stating the obvious.

What Do You Do?

This one’s a little bit more difficult. We all do a variety of things but the real winners are those who are able to convey what it is they do in a specific, concrete, and interesting manner. For this very reason, being able to identify and own your niche is so key.

Why Does It Matter?

Being able to answer this question depends on your ability to recognize the intangibles (knowledge, processes, market position) of your brand. Why is your company, product, or service so important? What makes it different from the million other entities offering the same widgets? The ability to capture, define, and communicate your unique selling position is of the utmost importance in being able to answer this difficult question. 

Knowing your raison de’etre* is a surefire way to be ready to answer these three important questions facing today’s individuals, organizations, and brands of all types.


You have a unique story to tell. Share it with the world.


*rai·son d’ê·tre: The most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence.