Is Your Brand Ready for the Future Wave of Social Merchandising?

The rise of Interesante, Pinterest, Fancy, Fab, and Instagram have given way to a whole new arena of social media where visual elements contribute to a more enriching social experience. It is widely noted that visual posts do much better than plain text due in large part to our interest and desire as consumers to engage with media. However, there’s another wave of possibility and impact that is the direct result of these visually oriented social sites. Commerce.

Social media is moving from conversation and engagement to transaction fueled by the power of peer influence. Brands must strive to be relevant at the moment-of-truth or that all encompassing instance where a consumer is in full purchase intent mode. One way to do this is to take advantage of social and peer influence to drive commerce across the innovative and engaging array of social media sites that are increasingly made available thanks in large part to the explosion of mobile adoption.

“Social marketers are excited about this next wave because of its ability to drive product discovery results toward a meaningful impact on sales, making it much easier to calculate social ROI. They also are excited because social merchandising is poised to deliver much more measurable value to retailers and brands than its forefathers.” (Source)

Tapping into the social graph of consumers is a powerful play on engagement allowing for unique branding opportunities and meaningful interactions.

Is your brand ready for this new wave of social merchandising?

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