Room for Growth in Real-Time Marketing

Oreo is perhaps a leading case study in rapid response to customer events via on-time and relevant messaging. Their tweet following the blackout at the super bowl was a real winner. Mostly because of the timing and creativity of the response. In case you missed it:

What this confirms is that brands must be ready at the spur of the moment to respond to market activity in a manner that sparks conversation and brand relevance. eMarketer recently released some data on the number of companies engaging in this practice known as real-time marketing.

Creating real-time responses to customer actions is still a relatively new practice. It requires an understanding of how real-time marketing works, investment in the proper tools and technology, and ideally, integration of the marketing program across all channels.

In this type of environment, first-mover advantage is huge. The companies that move fast in response to trends, customer feedback, and marketing opportunities will find unique windows in which to pioneer custom engagement.

“The key to real-time marketing is to then use data and analysis to deliver real-time messaging through automated technology, which can rapidly respond to customer actions by pushing out ads, marketing collateral and other content to the appropriate channels.”

Listening tools and active participation across all channels is critical for timely and relevant brand engagement. Those who embrace this reality will face a real chance to shine across all devices.

Timing is everything.

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