How to Take Your Brand from Commerce to Conversation

Somewhere there’s a party going on and your brand is the topic of conversation. What would you do if you knew that there were thousands of individuals talking about you and your company right now? Would you run to join the party or would you send someone in your honor? The truth of the matter is that this type of activity takes place online with or without your approval and participation.

Online conversations are prevalent as are the countless opportunities to participate.

An important objective for marketers is built on exploring how their brand relates to these ongoing conversations.

The following areas can serve as the perfect ticket or area upon which to target your engagement efforts:


What are people saying about the *_____* industry?

Is your organization making any effort to increase positive sentiment towards this industry?

Product Category

Right now an individual is broadcasting to the world about how their situation can be improved by *_____*.

How does your widget make it easier for consumers to carry out their day-to-day activities?


Geographic location can serve as the common bond between you and your target audience. 

quick search will identify what people are saying about your current location.


Find out what people are saying about your competitors. Capitalize on those windows of opportunity for your brand to outshine the competition. 

The opportunities to participate in productive conversation are numerous. A strategic approach to engagement and online participation can take your brand from the normal arena of commerce to the dynamic playing field of conversation.