How to Lose a Fan in 10 Days

Numerous articles abound focusing on specific strategies for driving engagement and increasing revenue. Oftentimes, these helpful forms of content focus on the steps necessary to accomplish a unique set of objectives. Allow us to take the alternative route and offer a collection of equally important “what not to do’s” and marcom “no no’s”:


Day 1

Forgetting to say hello.

Clients are special. Treat them as such as soon as they walk through the door or visit your digital storefront. It’s the little things that count.


Day 2

Spending too much time in the mirror.

We understand and appreciate the fact that your widgets are game changing but let’s not forget about being selfish. A quick way to lose fans, followers, and patrons of all types is to simply offer a nice little taste of neglect.


Day 3

Failing to offer a smile.

We have moved long past the days of creating brands. In today’s crowded marketplace, the real secret lies in an organization’s ability to move people. Smiling and being friendly can help open the doors to making an emotional connection.


Day 4

Unleashing the weapons of mass boredom.

Clients want to be enchanted and go home feeling like they’ve just been hand picked for the ultimate V.I.P. experience. Companies that reach this level have an outstanding opportunity to create raving fans.


Day 5

Offering a little T.M.I.

Information overload can bring a rollercoaster of a ride to a screaching hault. Simplicity in design and communication help to create a winning user experience.


Day 6

Throwing around a bunch of gang signs.

Otherwise known as jargon and techy mumbo jumbo…spreading overly used technical terms and industry lingo can seem a bit much to visitors who are pressed for time and bombarded with the same old marketing messages.


Day 7

Moving too fast.

Let your Twitter followers and Facebook fans come to you for additional goods and services.


Day 8

Moving too slow.

Interest does not equal loyalty. Keep your audience engaged.


Day 9

Being dishonest.

Promise big. Deliver big. That is all.


Day 10

Losing site of what matters.

It’s all about value. What are you offering clients that the shop next door isn’t already broadcasting?


A few good tips and no no’s for those looking to make a splash in marketing of any kind.