How Agencies Add Value to Client’s Business

Benchmarks and setting a strong foundation are key drivers of success. Agencies must recognize their role in serving as an advocate and adding value to the client relationship. Just how do agencies add value to client’s business?

1. Developing and producing creative ideas that are fresh and appropriate.

2. Ensuring that agency disciplines and functions are integrated and that agency teams and divisions collaborate well on behalf of the client.

3. Working in a collaborative way with the client by creating an environment of low egos and high mutual respect.

4. Developing ideas and programs that can be integrated into multiple communication channels.

5. Assigning its best people to the client’s business and making its top executives available when needed.

6. Evaluating brand drivers like awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.

7. Providing guidance and solutions in new media and technologies.

Source: Report on the Agency-Advertiser Value Survey,” American Association of Advertisers and Association of National Advertisers, August 2007.


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