Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Shaking Things Up

The social network powerhouse recently announced a new feature called Graph Search. This new tool allows users of the site to search for friends with common interests and tap into their social graph. Is this a direct response to Google’s ongoing search dominance? Of course, but it’s a prime example of Facebook’s evolution. According to Jason Falls of the Social Media Explorer:

Facebook is now going to give you a way to see prioritized recommendations based on what your actual friends have said, done or recommended on Facebook. The data set is more limited, more meaningful and more relevant.

Access to socially fueled recommendations is another example of the importance of establishing a strong digital footprint. The ramifications for marketers are real. Those who have led the charge in building a strong social media community will thrive as the result of Graph Search. Talk about huge validation for establishing a presence on Facebook and the social media arena in general. Facebook also announced free phone calls through their messenger iphone app.

On another note, MySpace just made a comeback.