Collective Intent Fueled by Multicultural Insights

The 14th largest economy in the world lies in our own backyard. Commanding over 1$ trillion in spending power, the Latino population segment is a real force oftentimes dictating the success or failure of many growth initiatives across a wide array of industry. However, there still exists a collection of brands that fail to take notice of this burgeoning group of innovators, social enthusiasts, early tech adopters, and multicultural stakeholders who have a unique propensity to lead the charge in terms of brand advocacy.

How do you move consumers to a point of advocacy? You do it through a course of engagement and brand ideals based on fueling collective intent. But to take this one step further requires that brands embrace the elements of truth when it comes to real world opportunity, namely, the Hispanic market. For this very reason, Vista Hispano has been providing insights into the trends and changing dynamics of the U.S. Hispanic market since 2007.

Thank you to all our supporters who have helped make this digital destination a legitimate resource for insights into the fastest growing population segment in America.

Un gran saludo!

José Huitron, Principal at Hub 81 and Founder of Vista Hispano.