5 Tips for Launching A (Better Than Your Competitor) Social Media Presence

Not reaching your destination in the journey towards a strong internet presence?

Here are five tips to help take your social media marketing to new heights:


Many people jump on board the social media rocket ship without taking the time to listen. Why join a party if you don’t know who’s going to attend? Why download an anthology without first hearing the music? Listening is an important key for developing an effective social media strategy. Listening to the following people can provide profound insights:

  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Partners


Insights gathered through listening can help your team develop a unique plan of action tailored to the interests of your audience. Social media provides a platform for the ultimate focus group. Listen intently and then develop wisely.


Armed with a clever strategy built on authentic insights, the next step is to simply get started! Start tweeting those unique gems that keep your audience interested and invested in your brand. Share content on various platforms such as YouTube, Flickr, Quora, Slideshare, and Facebook. Remember to not just be present but actually participate in genuine conversation keeping in mind the value of authenticity and trust.


Once you’ve become fully engaged in online conversation and content generation, the next step is to share the wealth. Be polite and reply to Direct Messages, Comments, Votes, Likes, and so forth. If one of your followers (and we hope you’re following others because remember…the show isn’t just about you!) shares something interesting retweet it or cross distribute through your other social outposts. Nothing says you care like a good retweet.


The social media arena is a huge gathering of brands, individuals, and organizations all coming together to be “social” but the truth of the matter is that very few people actually innovate. Participation can lead to new found insights that will allow you to change the game. For instance, if you see a lot of people asking questions on twitter…why not create a service tailored to ask and answer these questions. Quora did it…and so can you! They have the game of answering questions dominated. Now it’s your turn to leverage the power of social media.

Remember…be real and have fun!